domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

Personajes históricos: François Jacob (parte uno)

One of the most important scientist in the last century is François Jacob. He is still alive. He was born in France in June, the 17th, 1920. He has no brothers nor sisters. He's jewish and so he soon learnt about the meaning of violence. His mother was a nurse during the First World War. She played an important role in the life of Jacob. His father worked in a little family real state business. Jacob grew up in France in the twenties and therties. As a child, he studied at the little Carnot School until he started high school where he spent ten years. In his autobiography, he remembers a lot of events happened in 1936: the German Army came in Renania, the Popular Front reached power, the Spanish Civil War began. Jacob passed the final exam of high school and he began studying medicine in 1939. He wanted to become a surgeon. But in that year, the world shifted, peace was over. Jacob's mother fell ill and the doctors found out cancer. Al last, she died at the begining of June of 1940. Then, the 21th François Jacob and his friend Roger went to the dock of Bayone in order to embark. They arrived in England and they enrolled in the Free French Forces in order to fight against the German Army. Jacob wanted to become a gunner but due to the lack of physisicans, every medicine student was assigned to Health Service. Jacob arrived in the African desert and he helped his company against the German African korps. He survived all attacks and on August, 1st, 1944, he returned to France. However, when he came back to Paris, two German planes bombed his company. He was badly wounded. In that time, he succeded in his two final exams of the second course of medicine. In spite of this, he couldn't continue studying medicine due to an irreversible series of lesions. He tried to get a job working in a tyrothricin laboratory in order to graduate.
(Sorry for the spelling mistakes, the story will be continued...)

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